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> Dear list,
>  I'm about to upgrade a zpool from 10 to 29 version, I suppose that
> this upgrade will improve several performance issues that are present
> on 10, however
> inside that pool we have several zfs filesystems all of them are
> version 1 my first question is is there a problem with performance or
> any other problem if you operate a zpool 29 with zfs filesystems
> version 1 ?

There is no problem to use a recent pool version with an old filesystem

> Is it better to upgrade zfs to the latest version ?

Upgrade if you want the new filesystem features (e.g. case insensitivity,
user accounting & quotas).

> Can we jump from zfs version 1 to 5 ?


> Is there any implications on zfs send/receive with filesystem's and
> pools with different versions ?

Some filesystem versions require a corresponding pool version.  E.g. fs
version 4 (userquotas) requires pool version 15.  So you can not send a
version 4 filesystem to a pool that is version < 15.  Also, you can not
send a version X filesystem to a machine that does not understand that
filesystem version.

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