On 01/17/2012 01:06 AM, David Magda wrote:
> Kind of off topic, but I figured of some interest to the list. There will be 
> a new file system in Windows 8 with some features that we all know and love 
> in ZFS:
>> As mentioned previously, one of our design goals was to detect and correct 
>> corruption. This not only ensures data integrity, but also improves system 
>> availability and online operation. Thus, all ReFS metadata is check-summed 
>> at the level of a B+ tree page, and the checksum is stored independently 
>> from the page itself. [...] Once ReFS detects such a failure, it interfaces 
>> with Storage Spaces to read all available copies of data and chooses the 
>> correct one based on checksum validation. It then tells Storage Spaces to 
>> fix the bad copies based on the good copies. All of this happens 
>> transparently from the point of view of the application.

Looks like what the Btrfs people were trying to do.

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