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> Unless I misunderstood something, zfs send of a volume that has
> compression activated, uncompress it. So if I do a zfs send|zfs receive
> from a compressed volume to a compressed volume, my data are
> uncompressed and compressed again. Right ?
> Is there a more effective way to do it (without decompression and
> recompression) ?

Better yet, zfs send is decompressing, and then you're probably piping to gzip 
or lzop or something, and piping to ssh, so it got re-compressed and encrypted. 
 Then at the receiving end, it gets decrypted, decompressed, and recompressed.  

While there are lots of reasons behind this, I think you'll find usually it 
doesn't matter.  Only if you have really fast disks, or underpowered processor, 
or super-duper massive compression (like gzip, or worse... gzip-9) then it 
matters.  Default compression is very fast and lightweight.

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