After having read this mailing list for a little while, I get the
impression that there are at least some people who regularly
experience on-disk corruption that ZFS should be able to report and
handle. I’ve been running a raidz1 on three 1TB consumer disks for
approx. 2 years now (about 90% full), and I scrub the pool every 3-4
weeks and have never had a single error. From the oft-quoted 10^14
error rate that consumer disks are rated at, I should have seen an
error by now -- the scrubbing process is not the only activity on the
disks, after all, and the data transfer volume from that alone clocks
in at almost exactly 10^14 by now.

Not that I’m worried, of course, but it comes at a slight surprise to
me. Or does the 10^14 rating just reflect the strength of the on-disk
ECC algorithm?
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