IMHO, upgrade to s11 if possible
use the COMSTAR based iscsi 

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On Jan 26, 2012, at 23:25, Ivan Rodriguez <ivan...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear fellows,
> We have a backup server with a zpool size of 20 TB, we transfer
> information using zfs snapshots every day (we have around 300 fs on
> that pool),
> the storage is a dell md3000i connected by iscsi, the pool is
> currently version 10, the same storage is connected
> to another server with a smaller pool of 3 TB(zpool version 10) this
> server is working fine and speed is good between the storage
> and the server, however  in the server with 20 TB pool performance is
> an issue  after we restart the server
> performance is good but with the time lets say a week the performance
> keeps dropping until we have to
> bounce the server again (same behavior with new version of solaris in
> this case performance drops in 2 days), no errors in logs or storage
> or the zpool status -v
> We suspect that the pool has some issues probably there is corruption
> somewhere, we tested solaris 10 8/11 with zpool 29,
> although we haven't update the pool itself, with the new solaris the
> performance is even worst and every time
> that we restart the server we get stuff like this:
> SOURCE: zfs-diagnosis, REV: 1.0
> EVENT-ID: 0168621d-3f61-c1fc-bc73-c50efaa836f4
> DESC: All faults associated with an event id have been addressed.
> Refer to http://sun.com/msg/FMD-8000-4M for more information.
> AUTO-RESPONSE: Some system components offlined because of the
> original fault may have been brought back online.
> IMPACT: Performance degradation of the system due to the original
> fault may have been recovered.
> REC-ACTION: Use fmdump -v -u <EVENT-ID> to identify the repaired components.
> [ID 377184 daemon.notice] SUNW-MSG-ID: FMD-8000-6U, TYPE: Resolved,
> VER: 1, SEVERITY: Minor
> And we need to export and import the pool in order to be  able to  access it.
> Now my question is do you guys know if we upgrade the pool does this
> process  fix some issues in the metadata of the pool ?
> We've been holding back the upgrade because we know that after the
> upgrade there is no way to return to version 10.
> Does anybody has experienced corruption in the pool without a hardware
> failure ?
> Is there any tools or procedures to find corruption on the pool or
> File systems inside the pool ? (besides scrub)
> So far we went through the connections cables, ports and controllers
> between the storage and the server everything seems fine, we've
> swapped network interfaces, cables, switch ports etc etc.
> Any ideas would be really appreciate it.
> Cheers
> Ivan
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