Dear fellows,

We have a backup server with a zpool size of 20 TB, we transfer
information using zfs snapshots every day (we have around 300 fs on
that pool),
the storage is a dell md3000i connected by iscsi, the pool is
currently version 10, the same storage is connected
 to another server with a smaller pool of 3 TB(zpool version 10) this
server is working fine and speed is good between the storage
and the server, however  in the server with 20 TB pool performance is
an issue  after we restart the server
performance is good but with the time lets say a week the performance
keeps dropping until we have to
bounce the server again (same behavior with new version of solaris in
this case performance drops in 2 days), no errors in logs or storage
or the zpool status -v

We suspect that the pool has some issues probably there is corruption
somewhere, we tested solaris 10 8/11 with zpool 29,
although we haven't update the pool itself, with the new solaris the
performance is even worst and every time
that we restart the server we get stuff like this:

 SOURCE: zfs-diagnosis, REV: 1.0
 EVENT-ID: 0168621d-3f61-c1fc-bc73-c50efaa836f4
DESC: All faults associated with an event id have been addressed.
 Refer to for more information.
 AUTO-RESPONSE: Some system components offlined because of the
original fault may have been brought back online.
 IMPACT: Performance degradation of the system due to the original
fault may have been recovered.
 REC-ACTION: Use fmdump -v -u <EVENT-ID> to identify the repaired components.
[ID 377184 daemon.notice] SUNW-MSG-ID: FMD-8000-6U, TYPE: Resolved,

And we need to export and import the pool in order to be  able to  access it.

Now my question is do you guys know if we upgrade the pool does this
process  fix some issues in the metadata of the pool ?
We've been holding back the upgrade because we know that after the
upgrade there is no way to return to version 10.

Does anybody has experienced corruption in the pool without a hardware
failure ?
Is there any tools or procedures to find corruption on the pool or
File systems inside the pool ? (besides scrub)

So far we went through the connections cables, ports and controllers
between the storage and the server everything seems fine, we've
swapped network interfaces, cables, switch ports etc etc.

Any ideas would be really appreciate it.

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