On Wed, February 1, 2012 14:03, Linder, Doug wrote:
> Achim Wolpers wrote:
>> I'm searching for a GUI tool to set ZFS (NFSv4) ACLs. I found some
>> nautilus add ons in the web but
>> they don't seen to work with nautilus shipped with OI. Any solution?
> I've been looking for something like this for ages, but as far as I know
> none exists.  It certainly seems like a logical idea.  Then again, Solaris
> doesn't have all that many desktop users so I guess the user base would be
> limited.  Maybe they could integrate it with Ops Center somehow.

Well, more and more file systems will be using NFSv4-style ACLs, so it'd
be useful on platforms besides Solaris.

At $WORK we have an Isilon that has these ACLs on OneFS, and we've found
it easier to go in via Windows and CIFS and edit the ACLs than trying to
use the CLI tools for some of the convoluted permissions we have to deal
with (e.g., multiple research groups, with some users getting write access
on top of the base read access that they'd normally have; add inheritance
on top of that for newly created directories sub-trees, etc.).

I think if you can SSH into a server with X11 forwarding enable and have
the editor run on the system, with the GUI showing up on the admin's
desktop, then it'd be handy. Editing complicated ACLs isn't just for your

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