On  2/03/12 09:11 AM, Geoff Nordli wrote:
trying to figure out a reliable way to identify drives to make sure I pull the
right drive when there is a failure.   These will be smaller installations
(<16 drives)

I am pretty sure the wwn name on a sas device is preassigned like a MAC
address, but I just want to make sure.   Is there any scenario where the wwn


so ideally, as long as I label the disk, with the correct wwn, then I should
be able to identify it as failed, and be able to pull it?

Yes. If you're running S11 and have supported hardware, you
might be able to see location information in format, and
using the diskinfo too.

Otherwise, if you're running S11, you could try using
/usr/lib/fm/fmd/fmti - a tool which blinks LEDs at you
and prompts for label confirmation.

James C. McPherson
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