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> trying to figure out a reliable way to identify drives to make sure I pull
> right drive when there is a failure.   These will be smaller installations

In the search bar in the upper right, enter:  jumpstart_solution062011
There you can download a package, which includes a script...  

It's really stupid.  There's a conf file for each of the supported hardware
types, which simply hardcode some mappings in it.  You have to select the
right conf file for your system, and run slot.sh against that conf file
(which you will probably copy or rename slot.conf) ...

After that, it's all simple.  You just type in commands like this:
                Display all disks and all slots
                                ./slot.sh -a slot.conf

                Display a specific disk
                                ./slot.sh -d disk_name slot.conf

                Display a specific slot
                                ./slot.sh -s slot_number slot.conf

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