Le 10/03/2012 10:29, Sriram Narayanan a écrit :
> Hi folks:
> At work, I have an R510, and R610 and an R710 - all with the H700 PERC
> controller.
> Based on experiments, it seems like there is no way to bypass the PERC
> controller - it seems like one can only access the individual disks if
> they are set up in RAID0 each.
> This brings me to ask some questions:
> a. Is it fine (in terms of an intelligent controller coming in the way
> of ZFS) to have the PERC controllers present each drive as RAID0
> drives ?
> b. Would there be any errors in terms of PERC doing things that ZFS is
> not aware of and this causing any issues later  ?
> -- Sriram
can't answer for this precise Raid controller, but i had the same
problem with  3Ware raid controllers ( 2 different flavor of 9500S PCIX).

It seems to be mandatory to use each disk as a single raid0 array in
order to be able to export the disk for ZFS.It's the only way to use
cache of the controller.

That way, it works like a charm.

Furthermore, when a disk died (HW failure, certainly on a mechanical
part, according to the weird sound produced), ZFS did the job.
zfs offline
zfs detach
zfs attach
zfs scrub.

_BUT_, i don't know about disk errors being silently hidden by the
controller to ZFS!
I'd have thought that, because of the CopyOnWrite mechanism, it may be
impossible to the controller to do such a awful job; am i wrong ??

BTW, i have to spend a few buckets for a SAN (ZFS,iSCSI on FreeBSD). Are
H700 good for the job ? Especially on FreeBSD (if you tested it of course)?

Best regards.
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