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> Based on experiments, it seems like there is no way to bypass the PERC
> controller - it seems like one can only access the individual disks if
> they are set up in RAID0 each.

The first consideration to remember is:  When your disks are set up by one
of these controllers, you won't be able to move these disks to a generic
controller-less system and expect them to work.  You are dependent on the
raid hardware (or compatible competitors) to make the disks accessible.
Just keep this in mind whenever your system warranty renewal period is
approaching.  Also, if you need to move these disks to a new system that has
a compatible controller, you must configure them exactly the same as they
are on this system - but don't initialize.

The second consideration you should think about is the writeback cache.  If
you have any SSD dedicated log device, you actually get the best performance
by DISABLING the writeback on all disks.  The second best configuration is
without SSD, you enable writeback on all disks.  And obviously the worst
configuration, you have no SSD and no writeback.

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