On Mar 29, 2012, at 11:59 AM, Ian Collins wrote:

> Does zfs receive produce any warnings?  Have you tried adding -v?

Thank you very much Ian and Carsten. Well, adding a -v gave me a clue. Turns 
out that one of the old snapshots had a clone created. 

zfs receive -v  was complaining that it couldn't destroy an old snapshot, which 
wasn't visible but had been cloned (and forgotten) long ago. A truss of the zfs 
receive process shown it accessing the clone. 

So, zfs receive was doing its job, the new snapshot was applied correctly, but 
it was exiting with an exit value of 1, without printing any warnings, which I 
think is wrong.

I've destroyed  the clone and everything  has gone back to normal. Now zfs 
receive exits with 0.

Still I'm not sure if it could be a bug, the snapshot was cloned in November 
2011 and it had been sitting around for a long time. The pool had less than 20 
% of free space two days ago, maybe it triggered something.

Anyway, as I said, with the clone removed everything has gone back to normal.

Thank you very much,


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