On Mar 29, 2012, at 4:33 AM, Borja Marcos wrote:

> On Mar 29, 2012, at 11:59 AM, Ian Collins wrote:
>> Does zfs receive produce any warnings?  Have you tried adding -v?
> Thank you very much Ian and Carsten. Well, adding a -v gave me a clue. Turns 
> out that one of the old snapshots had a clone created. 
> zfs receive -v  was complaining that it couldn't destroy an old snapshot, 
> which wasn't visible but had been cloned (and forgotten) long ago. A truss of 
> the zfs receive process shown it accessing the clone. 
> So, zfs receive was doing its job, the new snapshot was applied correctly, 
> but it was exiting with an exit value of 1, without printing any warnings, 
> which I think is wrong.

You are correct. Both zfs and zpool have a bad case of "exit 1 if something 
isn't right."
At Nexenta, I filed a bug against the ambiguity of the return code. You should 
filing a similar bug with Oracle. In the open-source ZFS implementations, there 
is some
other work to get out of the way before properly tackling this, but that work 
is in progress :-)

> I've destroyed  the clone and everything  has gone back to normal. Now zfs 
> receive exits with 0.
> Still I'm not sure if it could be a bug, the snapshot was cloned in November 
> 2011 and it had been sitting around for a long time. The pool had less than 
> 20 % of free space two days ago, maybe it triggered something.
> Anyway, as I said, with the clone removed everything has gone back to normal.


> Thank you very much,
> Borja.

 -- richard

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