As an addendum to this, I'm curious about how to grow the split pool in size.

Scenario, mirrored pool comprising of two disks, one 200GB and the other 300GB, naturally the size of the mirrored pool is 200GB e.g. the smaller of the two devices.

I ran some tests within vbox env and I'm curious why after a zpool split one of the pools does not increase in size to 300gb, yet for some reason both pools remain at 200gb even if I export/import them. Sizes are reported via zpool list.

I checked the label, both disks have a single EFI partition consuming 100% of each disk. and format/partition shows slice 0 on both disks also consuming the entire disk respectively.

So how does one force the pool with the larger disk to increase in size ?



On 03/30/12 12:55 AM, Daniel Carosone wrote:
On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 05:54:47PM +0200, casper....@oracle.com wrote:
Is it possible to access the data from a detached device from an
mirrored pool.
If it is detached, I don't think there is a way to get access
to the mirror.  Had you used split, you should be able to reimport it.

(You can try aiming "zpool import" at the disk but I'm not hopeful)
The uberblocks have been invalidated "as a precaution", so no.

If it's too late to use split instead of detach, see this thread:


I renew my request for someone to adopt and nurture this tool.


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