>As an addendum to this, I'm curious about how to grow the split pool in 
>Scenario, mirrored pool comprising of two disks, one 200GB and the other 
>300GB, naturally the size of the mirrored pool is 200GB e.g. the smaller 
>of the two devices.
>I ran some tests within vbox env and I'm curious why after a zpool split 
>one of the pools does not increase in size to 300gb, yet for some reason 
>both pools remain at 200gb even if I export/import them. Sizes are  
>reported via zpool list.
>I checked the label, both disks have a single EFI partition consuming 
>100% of each disk. and format/partition shows slice 0 on both disks also 
>consuming the entire disk respectively.
>So how does one force the pool with the larger disk to increase in size ?

What is the autoexpand setting (I think it is off by default)?

        zpool get autoexpand splitted-pool


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