2012-04-04 23:27, Jan-Aage Frydenbø-Bruvoll wrote:
Which OS and release?

This is OpenIndiana oi_148, ZFS pool version 28.

There was a bug in some releases circa 2010 that you might be hitting. It is
harmless, but annoying.

Ok - what bug is this, how do I verify whether I am facing it here and what 
remedies are there?

Well, if this machine can afford some downtime, you can try
to boot it from an oi_151a (or later if available by the time
you try) LiveCD/LiveUSB media, and import this pool, and do
your offlining attempt.

However before that test you should wait a few minutes after
the import and look at "zpool iostat 10" output - in my recent
experience, faulty pools (i.e. having recent errors cleared
since then, like your broken file from a deleted snapshot)
began some housekeeping (i.e. releasnig the deferred-deleted
blocks). It is possible that the imported pool would cleanse
itself, and that might not be the moment where you want to
interfere with offlining - just in case.

If the pool is silent, then go on.

You could also use zdb to print out pool usage statistics
(i.e. how many blocks are there in the deferred-delete list),
but IIRC on my test pools gathering the stats took zdb at
least 40 minutes.

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