2012-04-05 16:04, Jim Klimov написал:
2012-04-04 23:27, Jan-Aage Frydenbø-Bruvoll wrote:
Which OS and release?

This is OpenIndiana oi_148, ZFS pool version 28.

There was a bug in some releases circa 2010 that you might be
hitting. It is
harmless, but annoying.

Ok - what bug is this, how do I verify whether I am facing it here and
what remedies are there?

Well, if this machine can afford some downtime, you can try
to boot it from an oi_151a (or later if available by the time
you try) LiveCD/LiveUSB media, and import this pool, and do
your offlining attempt.

For the sake of completeness, your other options are:

* run "pkg update" or similar to upgrade your installation
  to the current published baseline (and reboot into it),
  but that will likely require more time and traffic to
  test than downloading a LiveCD;

* try to "zpool clear" and "zpool scrub" again in order
  to, apparently, force processing of deferred-deleted
  blocks such as that leftover from a corrupt snapshot.
  It is possible that your current oi_148 might clean
  it up or not, but it is more likely to allow offlining
  a disk when there are no recorded errors...

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