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The only caveat I've found is that the Nearline SAS Seagates go really
slow with the Solaris default multipath load-balancing setting
(round-robin).  Set it to "none" or some large block value and they go
fast.  This issue doesn't appear when used with the PERC H800's.

If the drives are exposed as individual LUNs, then it may be possible to arrange things so that 1/2 the drives are accessed (by default) down one path, and the other 1/2 down the other. That way you get the effect of load-balancing without the churn which might be caused by dynamic load-balancing. That is what I did for my storage here, but the preferences needed to be configured on the remote end.

It is likely possible to configure everything on the host end but Solaris has special support for my drive array so it used the drive array's preferences.

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