Attempting to split a mirrored rpool and fails with error :

  Unable to split rpool: pool already exists

I have a laptop with main disk mirrored to an external USB. However as the laptop is not too healthy I'd like to split the pool into two pools and attach the external drive to another laptop and mirror it to the new laptop.

What I did :

- Booted laptop into an live DVD

- Import the rpool:
  $ zpool import rpool

- Attempt to split :
  $ zpool split rpool rpool-ext"

- Error message shown and split fails :
  Unable to split rpool: pool already exists

- So I tried exporting the pool
  and re-importing  with a different name and I still get the same
  error. There are no other zpools on the system, both zpool list and
  zpool export return nothing other than the rpool I've just imported.

I'm somewhat stumped... any ideas ?


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