2012-04-23 9:35, Daniel Carosone wrote:
I'll try to leave all 6 original disks in the machine while replacing,
maybe zfs will be smart enough to use the 6 drives to build the replacement
disk ?

I don't think it will.. others who know the code, feel free to comment

Well, I've heard (and made) such assumption for a few times -
like that a resilver to a hotspare disk would try to use whatever
source sectors are available, in essense making raidzN+1 during
the process. It is quite possible that several disks of the array
have errors simultaneously, but there is also a chance that the
errors reside in sectors belonging to different zfs blocks, thus
much or all of data is recoverable - but the process needs all of
the original disks.

Thinking that the functionality is in the robust ZFS is at least

1) Does it exist in reality?
2) If the code is not there, is it a worthy RFE, maybe for GSoC?


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