This may fall into the realm of a religious war (I hope not!), but recently several people on this list have said/implied that ZFS was only acceptable for production use on FreeBSD (or Solaris, of course) rather than Linux with ZoL.

I'm working on a project at work involving a large(-ish) amount of data, about 5TB, working its way up to 12-15TB eventually, spread among a dozen or so nodes. There may or may not be a clustered filesystem involved (probably gluster if we use anything). I've been looking at ZoL as the primary filesystem for this data. We're a Linux shop, so I'd rather not switch to FreeBSD, or any of the Solaris-derived distros--although I have no problem with them, I just don't want to introduce another OS into the mix if I can avoid it.

So, the actual questions are:

Is ZoL really not ready for production use?

If not, what is holding it back? Features? Performance? Stability?

If not, then what kind of timeframe are we looking at to get past whatever is holding it back?
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