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Nothing's changed.  Automounter + data migration ->  rebooting clients
(or close enough to rebooting).  I.e., outage.

     Uhhh, not if you design your automounter architecture correctly
and (as Richard said) have NFS clients that are not lame to which I'll
add, automunters that actually work as advertised. I was designing

And applications that don't pin the mount points, and can be idled during the migration. If your migration is due to a dead server, and you have pending writes, you have no choice but to reboot the client(s) (and accept the data loss, of course).

Which is why we use AFS for RO replicated data, and NetApp clusters with SnapMirror and VIPs for RW data.

To bring this back to ZFS, sadly ZFS doesn't support NFS HA without shared / replicated storage, as ZFS send / recv can't preserve the data necessary to have the same NFS filehandle, so failing over to a replica causes stale NFS filehandles on the clients. Which frustrates me, because the technology to do NFS shadow copy (which is possible in Solaris - not sure about the open source forks) is a superset of that needed to do HA, but can't be used for HA.

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