“zfs 'userused@' properties” and “'zfs userspace' command” are good enough to 
gather usage statistics.
I think I mix that with NetApp. If my memory is correct, we have to set quotas 
to get usage statistics under DataOnTAP.
Further, if we can add an ILM-like feature to poll the time-related 
info(atime,mtime,ctime,etc) with that statistic from ZFS, that will be
really cool.

Since no one is focusing on enabling default user/group quota now, the 
temporarily remedy could be a script which traverse all the users/groups
in the directory tree. Tough it is not so decent.

Currently, dedup/compression is pool-based right now, they don’t have the 
granularity on file system or user or group level. There is also a lot of 
improving  space in this aspect.



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On Apr 25, 2012, at 8:14 AM, Eric Schrock wrote:

ZFS will always track per-user usage information even in the absence of quotas. 
See the the zfs 'userused@' properties and 'zfs userspace' command.

tip: zfs get -H -o value -p userused@username filesystem

Yes, and this is the logical size, not physical size. Some ZFS features 
increase logical size
(copies) while others decrease physical size (compression, dedup)
 -- richard

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