>On Apr 26, 2012, at 12:27 AM, Fred Liu wrote:

>"zfs 'userused@' properties" and "'zfs userspace' command" are good enough to 
>gather usage statistics.
>I think I mix that with NetApp. If my memory is correct, we have to set quotas 
>to get usage statistics under DataOnTAP.
>Further, if we can add an ILM-like feature to poll the time-related 
>info(atime,mtime,ctime,etc) with that statistic from ZFS, that will be
>really cool.

>In general, file-based ILM has limitations that cause all sorts of issues for 
>things like
>operating systems, where files might only be needed infrequently, but when 
>they are
>needed, they are needed "right now"

>Have you looked at "zfs diff"  for changed files?

                   Here "ILM-like feature", I mean we know how the data is 
distributed by time per pool/filesystem like how many data are modified/accessed
       before mm/dd/yyyy. And we don't need to do the actual storage-tying 
operations immediately(moving the infrequently-used data to tie-2
       storage). The time-related usage statistics are very useful reference 
for us.
       "zfs diff" will show the delta but not come with the time info.

>Since no one is focusing on enabling default user/group quota now, the 
>temporarily remedy could be a script which traverse all the users/groups
>in the directory tree. Tough it is not so decent.

>The largest market for user/group quotas is .edu. But they represent only a 
>small market
>when measured by $.

>There are also many corner cases in this problem space. One might pine for the 
>days of
>VMS and its file resource management features, those features don't scale well 
>to company-
>wide LDAP and thousands of file systems.

                My understanding is the quota management is needed as long as 
zfs storage is used in NAS way(shared by multi-users).

>So, for now, the fastest method to solve the problem might be to script some 
Yes. That is ture.



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