On 5/1/12, Ray Van Dolson wrote:

> The problem is this box has 144GB of memory.  If I go with a 16GB file
> size (which I did), then memory and caching influences the results
> pretty severely (I get around 3GB/sec for writes!).

The idea of benchmarking -- IMHO -- is to vaguely attempt to reproduce
real world loads. Obviously, this is an imperfect science but if
you're going to be writing a lot of small files (e.g. NNTP or email
servers used to be a good real world example) then you're going to
want to benchmark for that. If you're going to want to write a bunch
of huge files (are you writing a lot of 16GB files?) then you'll want
to test for that. Caching anywhere in the pipeline is important for
benchmarks because you aren't going to turn off a cache or remove RAM
in production are you?

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