>What problem are you trying to solve?  How would you want referenced or
>userused@... to work?
>To be more clear:  space shared between a clone and its origin is
>"referenced" by both the clone and the origin, so it is charged to both the
>clone's and origin's userused@... properties.  The additional space used by
>mirroring and raid-z applies to all blocks in the pool[*], and is not charged
>anywhere (except by /sbin/zpool).
>[*] Assuming you are using the recommended configuration of all the same
>type of top-level vdevs; if you are not then there's no control over which
>blocks go to which vdevs.

There is no specific problem to resolve. Just want to get sort of accurate 
equation between 
the "raw storage size" and the "usable storage size" although the *meta file* 
size is trivial.
If you do mass storage budget, this equation is meaningful.


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