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Apparently I pulled it down at some point, so I don't have a URL for you
anymore, but I did, and I posted.  Long story short, both raidzN and mirror
configurations behave approximately the way you would hope they do.  That

Approximately, as compared to a single disk:  And I *mean* approximately,

Yes, I remember your results.

In a few weeks I should be setting up a new system with OpenIndiana and 8 SAS disks. This will give me an opportunity to test again. Last time I got to play was back in Feburary 2008 and I did not bother to test raidz (http://www.simplesystems.org/users/bfriesen/zfs-discuss/2540-zfs-performance.pdf).

Most common benchmarking is sequential read/write and rarely read-file/write-file where 'file' is a megabyte or two and the file is different for each iteration.

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