What causes these messages?

cannot create snapshot 'zones/rani/ROOT/zbe-2@migration': dataset is busy

There are zones living in zones pool, but none of the zones are running or 

root@:~# zfs get -r mounted,zoned,mountpoint zones/rani
NAME                      PROPERTY    VALUE        SOURCE
zones/rani                mounted     yes          -
zones/rani                zoned       off          default
zones/rani                mountpoint  /zones/rani  default
zones/rani/ROOT           mounted     no           -
zones/rani/ROOT           zoned       on           local
zones/rani/ROOT           mountpoint  legacy       local
zones/rani/ROOT@original  mounted     -            -
zones/rani/ROOT@original  zoned       -            -
zones/rani/ROOT@original  mountpoint  -            -
zones/rani/ROOT/zbe-2     mounted     no           -
zones/rani/ROOT/zbe-2     zoned       on           local
zones/rani/ROOT/zbe-2     mountpoint  legacy       inherited from 

This is on a very old OS now snv_134b… I am working to upgrade them soon!

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