2012-05-20 8:18, Anil Jangity wrote:
What causes these messages?

cannot create snapshot 'zones/rani/ROOT/zbe-2@migration': dataset is busy

...This is on a very old OS now snv_134b… I am working to upgrade them soon!
There are zones living in zones pool, but none of the zones are running or 

I've had such problems a few times on snv_117 and/or older,
blocking recursive snapshots and the zfs-auto-snap service,
and liveupgrade (OpenSolaris SXCE) among other things, but
I thought they were fixed in later releases before the last
ones like yours.

Essentially the workaround was to mount the "offending"
dataset and unmount it again if it is not needed now -
this clears some internal ZFS flags and allows snapshots
to proceed. This could be tricky with "zoned=on" datasets
and to an extent those with a legacy mountpoint, but
those problems can be worked around (i.e. disable "zoned",
mount, umount, reenable "zoned").

Hope this helps,
//Jim Klimov

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