2012-05-30 20:25, "Antonio S. Cofiño" wrote:
Dear All,

It may be this not the correct mailing list, but I'm having a ZFS issue
when a disk is failing.

I hope other users might help more on specific details, but while
we're waiting for their answer - please search the list archives.
Similar description of the problem comes up every few months, and
it seems to be a fundamental flaw of (consumerish?) SATA drives
with backplanes, leading to reset storms.

I remember the mechanism being something like this: a problematic
disk is detected and the system tries to have it reset so that it
might stop causing problems. The SATA controller either ignores
the command or takes too long to complete/respond, so the system
goes up the stack and next resets the backplane or ultimately the

I am not qualified to comment whether this issue is fundamental
(i.e. in SATA protocols) or incidental (cheap drives don't do
advanced stuff, while expensive SATAs might be ok in this regard).
There were discussions about using SATA-SAS interposers, but they
might not fit mechanically, add latency and instability, and raise
the system price to the point where native SAS disks would be

Now, waiting for experts to chime in on whatever I missed ;)
//Jim Klimov

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