> Anybody who has worked on a SPARC system for the past 15 years is well
> aware of NUMAness. We've been living in a NUMA world for a very long time,
> a world where the processors were slow and far memory latency is much, much
> worse than we see in the x86 world.
> I look forward to seeing the results of your analysis and
> experiments.
>  -- Richard

like, um, seconded. Please.

I'm very curious to learn of a "VM2" effort. (Sadly, I spend more time nowadays 
with my nose stuck into Cisco kit than into Solaris - well, not sadly, they're 
both interesting - but I'm out of touch with much of what's going on in Solaris 
world anymore.) It makes sense though. And perhaps it's well overdue. The basic 
notions of the VM subsys haven't changed in what, 15 years? 
Ain't-broke-don't-fix sure but ... 

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