So the xcall are necessary part of memory reclaiming, when one needs to tear 
down the TLB entry mapping the physical memory (which can from here on be 
So the xcall are just part of this. Should not cause trouble, but they do. They 
consume a cpu for some time.

That in turn can cause infrequent latency bubble on the network. A certain root 
cause of these latency bubble is that network thread are bound by default and
if the xcall storm ends up on the CPU that the network thread is bound to, it 
will wait for the storm to pass.

So try unbinding the mac threads; it may help you here.

Le 12 juin 2012 à 09:57, Sašo Kiselkov a écrit :

> Seems the problem is somewhat more egregious than I thought. The xcall
> storm causes my network drivers to stop receiving IP multicast packets
> and subsequently my recording applications record bad data, so
> ultimately, this kind of isn't workable... I need to somehow resolve
> this... I'm running four on-board Broadcom NICs in an LACP
> aggregation. Any ideas on why this might be a side-effect? I'm really
> kind of out of ideas here...
> Cheers,
> --
> Saso
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