On 06/12/2012 05:21 PM, Matt Breitbach wrote:
> I saw this _exact_ problem after I bumped ram from 48GB to 192GB.  Low
> memory pressure seemed to be the cuplrit.  Happened usually during storage
> vmotions or something like that which effectively nullified the data in the
> ARC (sometimes 50GB of data would be purged from the ARC).  The system was
> so busy that it would drop 10Gbit LACP portchannels from our Nexus 5k stack.
> I never got a good solution to this other than to set arc_min_c to something
> that was close to what I wanted the system to use - I settled on setting it
> at ~160GB.  It still dropped the arcsz, but it didn't try to adjust arc_c
> and resulted in significantly fewer xcalls.

Hmm, how do I do that? I don't have that kind of symbol in the kernel.
I'm running OpenIndiana build 151a. My system indeed runs at low memory
pressure, I'm simply running a bunch of writers writing files linearly
with data they received IP/UDP multicast sockets.

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