one possible way:
1)break the mirror
2)install new hdd, format the HDD
3)create new zpool on new hdd with 4k block
4)create new BE on the new pool with the old root pool as source (not sure which version of "solaris" or "openSolaris" ypu are using the procedure may be different depend on version"
5)activate the new BE
6)boot the new BE
7)destroy the old zpool
8)replace old HDD with new HDD
9)format the HDD
10)attach the HDD to the new root pool

On 6/15/2012 8:14 AM, Hans J Albertsson wrote:
I've got my root pool on a mirror on 2 512 byte blocksize disks.
I want to move the root pool to two 2 TB disks with 4k blocks.
The server only has room for two disks. I do have an esata connector, though, and a suitable external cabinet for connecting one extra disk.

How would I go about migrating/expanding the root pool to the larger disks so I can then use the larger disks for booting?

I have no extra machine to use.

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