On 06/15/2012 03:35 PM, Johannes Totz wrote:
> On 15/06/2012 13:22, Sašo Kiselkov wrote:
>> On 06/15/2012 02:14 PM, Hans J Albertsson wrote:
>>> I've got my root pool on a mirror on 2 512 byte blocksize disks. I
>>> want to move the root pool to two 2 TB disks with 4k blocks. The
>>> server only has room for two disks. I do have an esata connector,
>>> though, and a suitable external cabinet for connecting one extra disk.
>>> How would I go about migrating/expanding the root pool to the
>>> larger disks so I can then use the larger disks for booting?
>>> I have no extra machine to use.
>> Suppose we call the disks like so:
>>   A, B: your old 512-block drives
>>   X, Y: your new 2TB drives
>> The easiest way would be to simply:
>> 1) zpool set autoexpand=on rpool
>> 2) offline the A drive
>> 3) physically replace it with the X drive
>> 4) do a "zpool replace" on it and wait for it to resilver
> When sector size differs, attaching it is going to fail (at least on fbsd).
> You might not get around a send-receive cycle...

Jim Klimov has already posted a way better guide, which rebuilds the
pool using the old one's data, so yeah, the replace route I recommended
here is rendered moot.

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