OK, I am a butt-head and accidentally destroyed my last snapshot of a
replicated ZFS dataset. The dataset is NOT mounted and other than a
resilver going on, there is no I/O going on to this dataset. Is there
any way to roll back and get my latest snapshot back?

from zpool history -i:

2012-06-18.10:34:00 zfs destroy xxx@1339668001
2012-06-18.10:34:00 [internal destroy txg:2213852] dataset = 1906
2012-06-18.10:34:07 zfs destroy xxx@1339671601
2012-06-18.10:34:07 [internal destroy txg:2213854] dataset = 1921
2012-06-18.10:34:14 zfs destroy xxx@1339675201
2012-06-18.10:34:14 [internal destroy txg:2213856] dataset = 1938
2012-06-18.10:34:24 zfs destroy xxx@1339678800

I accidentally destroyed one too many snapshots (I wanted to keep just
the latest so that I could still do an incremental send/ recv from the
source end, this is a 40 TB dataset).

I figure that since there have been no writes since I did the destroy
then I *might* have a chance at this ... HELP!

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