my oi151 based home NAS is approaching a frightening "drive space" level. Right 
now the data volume is a 4*1TB Raid-Z1, 3 1/2" local disks individually 
connected to an 8 port LSI 6Gbit controller.

So I can either exchange the disks one by one with autoexpand, use 2-4 TB disks 
and be happy. This was my original approach. However I am totally unclear about 
the 512b vs 4Kb issue. What sata disk could I use that is big enough and still 
uses 512b? I know about the discussion about the upgrade from a 512b based pool 
to a 4 KB pool but I fail to see a conclusion. Will the autoexpand mechanism 
upgrade ashift? And what disks do not lie? Is the performance impact 

So I started to think about option 2. That would be using an external JOBD 
chassis (4-8 disks) and eSATA. But I would either need a JBOD with 4-8 eSATA 
connectors (which I am yet to find) or use a JBOD with a "good" expander. I see 
several cheap sata to esata jbod chassis making use of "port multiplier". Is 
this referring to a expander backplane and will work with oi, LSI and mpt or 
mpt_sas? I am aware that this is not the most performant solution but this is a 
home nas storing tons of pictures and videos only. And I could use the internal 
disks for backup purposes. 

Any suggestion for components are greatly appreciated. 

And before you ask: Currently I have 3TB net. 6 TB net would be the minimum 
target. 9TB sounds nicer. So if you have 512b HD recommendations with 2/3TB 
each or a good JBOD suggestion, please let me know!

Kind regards,

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