I have an old opensolaris server (snv_101b) that had a drive bay fan
failure.  There were two mirrored volumes, each one lost a disk in the
mirror (fortunately, I split the mirrors across bays).  One volume was
able to come up and I started resilvering, but got disk errors and
failed to complete the resilver.  I've pulled the "good" drive into
another system and am dd'ing it.

The other volume refused to import with "unavailable".  This drive also
has a dd image to preserve what I can.

At this point, it looks like what I need is a recovery tool that will
extract what files can be had from the images.  As these were mirrored
and not raidz, it doesn't seem like it should be *too* difficult, but I
don't see any tools in google.  I'm hoping someone knows of a way to get
something out of this disaster...

The readynas backup story is a separate issue, but not relevant to the
question of zfs recovery tools...


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