>The decision to not support link(2) of directories was very deliberate - it
>is an abomination that never should have been allowed in the first place.
>My guess is that the behavior of unlink(2) on directories is a direct
>side-effect of that (if link isn't supported, then why support unlink?).
>Also worth noting that ZFS also doesn't let you open(2) directories and
>read(2) from them, something (I believe) UFS does allow.

In the very beginning, mkdir(1) was a set-uid application; it used
"mknod" to make a directory and then created a link from
        newdir to newdir/.
and from
        "." to newdir/..

Traditionally, we was only allowed for the superuser and when
we added privileges a special privileges was added.

I think we should remove it for the other filesystems.

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