>We've already asked our Netapp representative. She said it's not hard
>to add that.

And symlinks don't work for this?  I'm amazed because we're talking about 
the same file system.   Or is it that the code you have does the 

If you want this rfo Oracle, you would need to talk to an Oracle 
representative and not in a mailing list (for illumos email will work I 

>> I'd suggest whether you can restructure your code and work without this.
>It would require touching code for which we don't have sources anymore
>(people gone, too). It would also require to create hard links to the
>results files directly, which means linking 15000+ files per directory
>with a minimum of 30000 directories. Each day (this is CERN after

I'm assuming then that it is the code for which you don't have the source 
which does the hardlinking?

I'm still not sure why symlinks won't work or for that matter loopback 


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