2012-06-26 23:57, Carsten John wrote:
Hello everybody,

I recently migrated a file server (NFS & Samba) from OpenSolaris (Build 111) to 
> (After?) the move we are facing random (or random looking) outages of our Samba...

As for the timeouts, check if your tuning (i.e. the migrated files
like /etc/system) don't enforce long TXG syncs (default was 30sec)
or something like that.

Find some DTrace scripts to see if ZIL is intensively used during
these user-profile writes, and if these writes are synchronous -
maybe an SSD/DDR logging device might be useful for this scenario?

Regarding the zfs-auto-snapshot, it is possible to install the old
scripted package from OpenSolaris onto Solaris 10 at least; I did
not have much experience with newer releases yet (timesliderd) so
can't help better.

//Jim Klimov

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