Hello everybody,

I recently migrated a file server (NFS & Samba) from OpenSolaris (Build 111) to 
Sol11. This the move we are facing random (or random looking) outages of our 
Samba. As we have moved several folders (like Desktop and ApplicationData) out 
of the usual profile to a folder inside the users home share, the setup is 
sensible about timeouts. From time to time users are getting the infamous 
Windows "Delayed Write Failure".

After checking nearly every parameter that came to my mind in the last days, 
the zfs-auto-snapshot mechanism inside Solaris 11 came to my attention. We had 
hourly and daily snapshot enabled and discovered that the snapshots are not 
rotated as expected.

As there were known issues (if I remember correctly) with timesliderd in 
OpenIndiana and we had the old zfs-auto-snap mechanism (without timesliderd) 
running without any problems before the update, I'm wondering if the are any 
known (performance) issues with the stuff in Solaris 11.


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