Hello all,

  I am revising an older OpenSolaris file-server before an upgrade
to OI, and this server uses COMSTAR to publish some zvols via iSCSI.
As I revised the procedure used to set it up originally, I remember
that the initial OpenSolaris iSCSI stack performed poorer, but only
it was integrated with "zfs set shareiscsi=..." attribute, and part
of migration to COMSTAR was to make sure that these attributes are
set to "off" so that the older iSCSI daemon does not start up when
the pool is imported.

  Questions are:

1) Is COMSTAR still not-integrated with shareiscsi ZFS attributes?
   Or can the pool use the attribute, and the correct (new COMSTAR)
   iSCSI target daemon will fire up?

2) What would be the best way to migrate iSCSI server configuration
   (LUs, views, allowed client lists, etc.) - is it sufficient to
   just export the SMF config of "stmf" service, or do I also need
   some other services and/or files (/etc/iscsi, something else?)

//Jim Klimov

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