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> Purely speculating, I might however suggest that your disk was
> dedicated to the pool completely, so its last blocks contain
> spare uberblocks (zpool labels) and that might help ZFS detect
> and import the pool - 

Certain types of data have multiple copies on disk.  I have overwritten the
first 1MB of a disk before, and then still been able to import the pool, so
I suspect, with a little effort, you'll be able to import your pool again.

After the pool is imported, of course, some of your data is very likely to
be corrupt.  ZFS should be able to detect it, because the checksum won't
match.  You should run a scrub.

You'll be able to produce a list of all the partially-corrupted files.  Most
likely, you'll just want to rm those files, and then you'll know you have
good files, whatever is still left.

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