On 07/12/2012 07:16 PM, Tim Cook wrote:
> Sasso: yes, it's absolutely worth implementing a higher performing hashing
> algorithm.  I'd suggest simply ignoring the people that aren't willing to
> acknowledge basic mathematics rather than lashing out.  No point in feeding
> the trolls.  The PETABYTES of data Quantum and DataDomain have out there
> are proof positive that complex hashes get the job done without verify,
> even if you don't want to acknowledge the math behind it.

That's what I deduced as well. I have far too much time to explain
statistics, coding theory and compression algorithms to random people on
the Internet. Code talks. I'm almost done implementing SHA-512/256 and
Edon-R-512/256. I've spent most of the time learning how the ZFS code is
structured and I now have most of the pieces in place, so expect the
completed code drop with (SHA-512, Edon-R and Skein) by this weekend.


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