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> got some strange results, please see
> attachements for exact numbers and pool config:
>            seq write  factor   seq read  factor
>            MB/sec              MB/sec
> single    123        1        135       1
> raid0     114        1        249       2
> mirror     57        0.5      129       1

I agree with you these look wrong.  Here is what you should expect:

        seq W   seq R
single  1.0     1.0
stripe  2.0     2.0
mirror  1.0     2.0

You have three things wrong:
(a) stripe should write 2x
(b) mirror should write 1x
(c) mirror should read 2x

I would have simply said "for some reason your drives are unable to operate
concurrently" but you have the stripe read 2x.

I cannot think of a single reason that the stripe should be able to read 2x,
and the mirror only 1x.  

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