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So only one thing left: mirror should read 2x

I don't think that mirror should necessarily read 2x faster even though the potential is there to do so. Last I heard, zfs did not include a special read scheduler for sequential reads from a mirrored pair. As a result, 50% of the time, a read will be scheduled for a device which already has a read scheduled. If this is indeed true, the typical performance would be 150%. There may be some other scheduling factor (e.g. estimate of busyness) which might still allow zfs to select the right side and do better than that.

If you were to add a second vdev (i.e. stripe) then you should see very close to 200% due to the default round-robin scheduling of the writes.

It is really difficult to measure zfs read performance due to caching effects. One way to do it is to write a large file (containing random data such as returned from /dev/urandom) to a zfs filesystem, unmount the filesystem, remount the filesystem, and then time how long it takes to read the file once. The reason why this works is because remounting the filesystem restarts the filesystem cache.

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