I think the problem is with disks that are 4k organised, but report their blocksize as 512.

If the disk reports it's blocksize correctly as 4096, then ZFS should not have a problem. At least my 2TB Seagate Barracuda disks seemed to report their blocksizes as 4096, and my zpools on those machines have ashift set to 12, which is correct, since 2¹² = 4096

You cannot mix 512 and 4096 byte blocksize disks in one pool, at least not in a mirror. All disks in a single pool should have the same blocksize.

There is a hacked version of zpool for OpenIndiana that has a blocksize option to the create subcommand. I don't know if other OSes have similar fixes. Such a hacked zpool might not be useful for the root pool at install time, at least it would require some subterfuge to make the installation use the correct blocksize, since the process is a bit too far automated.

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Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 16:44:37 +0200 (CEST)
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Subject: [zfs-discuss] Question on 4k sectors

Hi. Is the problem with ZFS supporting 4k sectors or is the problem mixing
512 byte and 4k sector disks in one pool, or something else? I have seen
alot of discussion on the 4k issue but I haven't understood what the actual
problem ZFS has with 4k sectors is. It's getting harder and harder to find
large disks with 512 byte sectors so what should we do? TIA...

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