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> I think the problem is with disks that are 4k organised, but report 
> their blocksize as 512.
> If the disk reports it's blocksize correctly as 4096, then ZFS should 
> not have a problem.
> At least my 2TB Seagate Barracuda disks seemed to report their 
> blocksizes as 4096, and my zpools on those machines have ashift set to 
> 12, which is correct, since 2¹² = 4096

Thanks, this is good to know. Is there any way, looking at manufacturers
data sheets for drives, whether they report their blocksize correctly? From
Seagate and WD that list the number of sectors, it's trivial to determine
what sectors the disk is using. But is this number what the disk is really
organized in or is it the number the disk reports?! It is very confusing...

So far we seem to rely on reports from people on the list, which is good for
us but bad for guys who wasted money on drives that don't work as they
should (the drives that don't report actual sector sector size correctly).

Really, it would be so helpful to know which drives we can buy with
confidence and which should be avoided...is there any way to know from the
manufacturers web sites or do you have to actually buy one and see what it
does? Thanks to everyone for the info.

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