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> On 151a2, man page just says 'use this or that mountpoint' with import -m, 
> but the fact was zpool refused to import the pool at boot when 2 SLOG devices 
> (mirrored) and 10 L2ARC devices were offline. Should OI/Illumos be able to 
> boot cleanly without manual action with the SLOG devices gone?

>From FreeBSD 9-STABLE, which includes ZFSv28:

     zpool import [-o mntopts] [-o property=value] ... [-d dir | -c cachefile]
         [-D] [-f] [-m] [-N] [-R root] [-F [-n]] -a

         Imports all pools found in the search directories. Identical to the
         previous command, except that all pools with a sufficient number of
         devices available are imported. Destroyed pools, pools that were pre-
         viously destroyed with the "zpool destroy" command, will not be
         imported unless the -D option is specified.

         -o mntopts
                 Comma-separated list of mount options to use when mounting
                 datasets within the pool. See zfs(8) for a description of
                 dataset properties and mount options.

         -o property=value
                 Sets the specified property on the imported pool. See the
                 "Properties" section for more information on the available
                 pool properties.

         -c cachefile
                 Reads configuration from the given cachefile that was created
                 with the "cachefile" pool property. This cachefile is used
                 instead of searching for devices.

         -d dir  Searches for devices or files in dir.  The -d option can be
                 specified multiple times. This option is incompatible with
                 the -c option.

         -D      Imports destroyed pools only. The -f option is also required.

         -f      Forces import, even if the pool appears to be potentially

         -m      Enables import with missing log devices.

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